Tenant Leadership

As tenants in this property, you are part of a larger community. Please click the following links to learn how you can participate in important property-wide initiatives. With little effort you can have a meaningful impact on this property's sustainability, safety, preparedness and other goals. Please join us in helping make your workplace a better, safer, and more productive environment!

Why Participate?

Because we need your help! As tenants in this property it is likely that you spend more waking hours here than anywhere else. As a result, your participation in property initiatives can have a substantial and meaningful impact. Without your participation, important initiatives like sustainability, energy use, preparedness and others can only be marginally successful. As an example, tenants' plug and light use account for upwards of 45% of this property's energy use. Similarly, as tenants, you create over 90% of the recyclable waste generated at the property.

From a management and ownership perspective, we are committed to operating this property in the most responsible fashion, setting an example of stewardship for our community.

How to Participate

There are several ways to participate in our current initiatives. We realize that the time you spend here is very valuable. As a result, we have specifically designed various campaigns and initiatives so that your responsibilities will be few, but your contributions substantial! We believe these measures, with your help, have the potential to make a real impact, raise awareness and give you the opportunity to ensure the sustainability, safety and green initiatives of your work environment.

Join the Team

Throughout the course of the year, we will be implementing several different campaigns and initiatives. We will be asking our Team members to help us in these efforts in two very simple ways.

  1. Help us "spread the word" - make the rest of your colleagues aware of these important endeavors.
  2. Simply take action, adhere to, or participate in, these various initiatives to the best of your ability.

These initiatives will typically consist of small, simple actions that you can take throughout your day, such as remembering to turn off your computer monitor when its not in use or closing the window blinds before leaving the office for the weekend.

Our Expectations

As Team members we ask only that you allow us to occasionally send you information so you are prepared and knowledgeable in supporting the effort.

Please click here to join our Team!

Become a Warden

As a Warden for your suite, you will be a main point-of-contact in helping us implement various initiatives, as well as making your colleagues and co-workers aware of what they can do to participate in them as well.

We will be providing all of our Wardens with exclusive tools and resources, such as Warden Checklists, to help them in their endeavors.

As Wardens, we ask that you be willing to commit to being a conduit to your office colleagues, perform limited actionable requests and generally take a leadership role in helping advance property goals and initiatives. Warden responsibilities will consume less than 15 minutes of a workday, might include an occasional meeting and will be an essential component of an initiative's success.

Please click here to register as a Warden for your office.

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