Office Tenants

Janitorial services are provided on business days in accordance to the cleaning specifications provided in your lease agreement. During the day, we have a day porter on duty that provides janitorial services Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Your company may have needs that fall outside of normal services during this time. Please contact the property management office or submit a service request if you require cleaning of above-standard improvements (e.g., parquet floors, glass partitions), or have any special cleaning requests (e.g., carpet shampooing, dishwashing, stripping / waxing of vinyl floors).

Moving companies and vendors must remove their boxes from the premises after deliveries. If you have boxes to be disposed of, please flatten them, stack them within your office space and clearly mark them “trash” or “basura”.

You can make special arrangements for the disposal of large boxes or large quantities of boxes by submitting a work order. At no time should boxes, trash or excess materials / equipment of any kind be left in the hallways, lobbies, elevator lobby, or any area designated as a fire exit.

30 Rowes Wharf · Boston, MA 02110